Friday, March 31, 2006

What's wrong with this picture?

A hint: If you're protesting the government supposedly not treating you as "real Americans", try waving American flags and yelling Viva America! for a change.

You are Criminals. By definition, if you're here illegally, then every day you're here you're breaking the law. Sorry. If you love America so much, you should respect her laws.

I'm so sick of the media referring to illegals as "law abiding, undocumented workers."
Illegal by definition is not law-abiding.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Because I don't feel like blogging about anything serious right now...

You Are Austin

A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll.
You're totally weird and very proud of it.
Artistic and freaky, you still seem to fit in... in your own strange way.

Famous Austin residents: Lance Armstrong, Sandra Bullock, Andy Roddick
What American City Are You?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Now we hate you! Now we don't.

I've noticed something. Some of ABC's reporters have blogs now. (The other networks' probably do too, but I'm just too tired to look now.)

I wouldn't have even bothered to look except - okay, I admit it! - I wanted to know what Jake Tapper said about meeting Taylor Hicks. (Hicks was "unrefined", by the way.)

Honestly, that's about all they're worth, too.
I know some contain really useful and intelligent facts.

But what good is a blog if it doesn't have an opinion? While some show an opinion on such things as Slobodon Milosevich and Child Trafficking - doesn't everyone?
And I could get the "We're fair and really have no opinion, but we really like liberals and Iraq is a mess." line from your main page, guys.

It's hilarious to me how the MSM operates. They ignored blogs. They slandered blogs. They snickered at blogs.
Now... guess who has blogs?

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Charges dropped against Afghan Christian

The Afghan powers were obviously looking for an easy way out of this and I applaud them for not just declaring him insane. It was officially because of a "lack of evidence", yes, but they've shown they care about public opinion - something not particularly important to the Taliban!

This story illustrates all that the Afghan people have to overcome. It ain't easy to transform from an extremist Muslim dictatorship to a free country. But I think they'll make it.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Well, my goodness, could that be more good news from Iraq?

And more news the media will ignore.

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Coalition troops freed three Western aid workers early Thursday...
Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, the U.S. military spokesman, said the hostages were freed from a house in western Baghdad in an operation that began at 8 a.m. local time and was initiated by intelligence provided by a person taken into custody several hours earlier.

Hmm... I guess hostages being freed just isn't as exciting.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

And here's some more good new that the media will ignore

U.S. and Iraqi forces responded to an insurgent attack on a police station Wednesday, fighting a two-hour gunbattle that ended with the capture and detention of 50 of the gunmen.

Wow. You mean the U.S. and Iraqi forces actually won? (No, I'd say the proper phrase is kicked butt!) But... wait... *sniffle* I thought we were going to get to hear Elizabeth Vargas have a special on "what went wrong?"
I thought... *sob* we finally lost something! NOOOO. This can't be happening!

Time for some random questions again!

I did one of these awhile back, and I figured I should again.
So here goes:

#1: The obvious: How do you think Iraq is going? Is it really going as well as we're told? Is it really going as badly as we're told?

#2: What's your opinion of Bush so far? Good, bad, just okay?

#3: Who do you think will win most seats in the midterms? Who do you want to win?

Okay, my answers.
#1: Neither, really. I think mistakes have been made, and the situation is far from perfect, but I also don't believe the doomsday cries from the media. If you just put it in perspective with any other war from history, suddenly 3 years and 2000 deaths aren't all that bad.

#2: Hmm... I go back and forth. Let me just say, it's irritating that Bush turned into a complete RINO on fiscal issues and the border. But there are things I like and support him on, namely most of how he's fought the war on terror. So I guess it would be okay.

#3: That's a hard one. I think as long as Democrats keep up their attitude they've been showing, it'll be an easy one for Republicans. But... Republicans have to unite and stop being afraid to do anything before the elections.

Now... Tell me what you think!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Something must be done.

About the man facing death for converting to Christianity.

KABUL, Afghanistan — An Afghan man who allegedly converted from Islam to Christianity is being prosecuted in a Kabul court and could be sentenced to death, a judge said Sunday.
The defendant, Abdul Rahman, was arrested last month after his family went to the police and accused him of becoming a Christian, Judge Ansarullah Mawlavezada told the Associated Press in an interview. Such a conversion would violate the country's Islamic laws.

How terrible. Afghanistan should be free, not following in the footsteps of the inquisition. Whatever you do, do something!
This can't happen.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

More distortions from the msm

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin, Powerline

Recently, the NY Times published an article purportedly by one of the "tortured" Abu Ghraib prisoners.

Almost two years later, Ali Shalal Qaissi's wounds are still raw.
There is the mangled hand, an old injury that became infected by the shackles chafing his skin. There is the slight limp, made worse by days tied in uncomfortable positions. And most of all, there are the nightmares of his nearly six-month ordeal at Abu Ghraib prison in 2003 and 2004.

Oh. How touching. Too bad he was a fake.

Afghan Man Faces Death for Allegedly Converting to Christianity

Via Fox News:

KABUL, Afghanistan — An Afghan man who allegedly converted from Islam to Christianity is being prosecuted in a Kabul court and could be sentenced to death, a judge said Sunday.
The defendant, Abdul Rahman, was arrested last month after his family went to the police and accused him of becoming a Christian, Judge Ansarullah Mawlavezada told the Associated Press in an interview. Such a conversion would violate the country's Islamic laws.
Rahman, who is believed to be 41, was charged with rejecting Islam when his trial started last week, the judge said.
During the hearing, the defendant allegedly confessed that he converted from Islam to Christianity 16 years ago when he was 25 and working as a medical aid worker for Afghan refugees in neighboring Pakistan, Mawlavezada said.

Okay, two points here.

One: Where is Bush? I like Bush, and Afghanistan so far has been a shining example of his philosophy. He'll lose credibility fast if he ignores this one, though. This can't happen - Afghanistan is supposed to be Islamic, yet free.

Second: This bunch never had any credibility anyway, but where is Amnesty International? The ACLU? The mainstream press? CAIR? Femenists?
They must be preoccupied defending with Islamic terrorists at Gitmo.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I am SO sick of this nonsense...

Just read this op-ed that ran in the NY Times. It'll make your blood boil.
A Conservative could never get away with such blatant race-baiting, that I know.

(HT: Catskill Chronicle)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

There's an argument for less gun control if I ever heard one

Three Dead, Two Injured in Shooting at Denny's in California

A man armed with two handguns opened fire
inside a Denny's restaurant during lunch hour Wednesday, killing two people
and wounding a married couple before taking his own life, police said.
many as 15 people were inside the restaurant at the time, authorities said. Many
fled or hid in bathrooms for safety.

Wow. Did gun control in California stop this nut from getting the gun and shooting up the place?

No, but perhaps if a few of the customers would have carried guns, this would be a whole different story.

Monday, March 13, 2006

I probably shouldn't do this, but...

I think someone's off their meds...

"Kirk" left a complimentary comment on my site.

So I checked out his.

I was stupid enough not to read farther down before making a reasonable and sensible comment on this post.

Here is my comment: (Kirk's post was about the evils of any birth control AT ALL, EVER. Should have clued me in there...)

Well, I don't totally agree with you.
In the story you are referring to, I think the man was punished for
a) being deceptive and
b) disobeying God's plan and doing things his way.
A lot of the Biblical language comes from culture.
In Bible times, children represented security, blessings, and affluence.
That being said, there's a wide definition of "birth control". I do NOT support the morning after pill, nor do I as a Christian support umarried people using birth control instead of abstinince!

Kirk responded:

I misjudged you. I had thought that you were a conservative, but it is obvious from your comment that you are a liberal feminazi. I should have known when I saw that stupid cat.

He then commenced to go off praising another commentator who said we should send TexasFred, Big White Hat and others to a "penal colony" in Guam or something.

So, anyway, here's my theory. Since this sounds like something off The Daily Show, I suspect this is (something I've never seen before!) a Liberal with a sense of humor.

Or... he's off his meds. He also told TexasFred that he and Jesus would be quote "laughing their a**es off" when Fred's burning in hell.
He also spouts joyous phrases like these:

Either you are all Conservative or you are a liberal and will burn in Hell with all the other liberals before you.
But, this still begs the question, "Where is the civil debate this country was founded on?"

I must have a disorder. Whenever I run into a nut on a blog, I just have to post about them, so y'all can see how crazy they are.

I just had to post this...

I think this has to be Ann Coulter's funniest column since the election season.


In case you missed the Oscars last Sunday night, here are the highlights:
— Best song went to a musical tribute to the overseers of human sex slaves,
an occupation known as "pimping";
— best picture went to a movie about racism in Los Angeles;
— best supporting actor went to the movie about how oil companies murder
people; and
— best supporting actress went to the movie about how pharmaceutical
companies murder people...
... Brokeback Mountain" did not win best picture, "Munich" won nothing, and
the Palestinian suicide bombers movie won nothing...

There was no Bush-bashing. There was no Michael Moore. The host was not
Whoopi Goldberg, so that's a big fat reward to every man, woman and child in
America right there.

This may have been the most American Oscars yet, if America consisted of
beautiful airheads in $50,000 dresses. And that was just the guys in "Brokeback

Read the rest. It gets better.

I don't know what to think about this one

From Fox News:

Former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic, the so-called "butcher of the
Balkans" being tried for war crimes after orchestrating a decade of bloodshed
during his country's breakup, was found dead Saturday in his prison cell. He was

Well, I'm certainly not mourning his life, let me just say that!

But I'm not so sure what to think about this. I must confess, my first reaction was, "Good, now we don't have to worry about that trial that's been dragging on so long!"

But really, when you think about it, it's terribly tragic. Not for Milosevic - he had it coming, sooner or later -, but for the many families who are desperate for Justice.
Now, even though we know what he did, he can never be declared guilty. In the record books of history, perhaps, he will be known as the evil despot he was.
But in the eyes of the law, he's innocent. How sad.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Cindy Sheehan, MIA

Once, she was the toast of the town. Or the media, anyway. Glowing articles and near-constant attention marked her every word.
Eventually though, the luster of her fifteen minutes of fame was bound to dull.
The compassionate media hounds were growing slightly worried after hearing, and then ignoring Cindy's daily rants about how Bush was a 'lying bastard! What about that don't you Neo-Con Bush mouthpieces understand?!'.
But Cindy, thinking the media would worship whatever she did, grew bold. Slight craziness that could be ignored gave way to
full-fledged insanity, and the media lost hope of concealing her true feelings.

Such is the story of how Cindy Sheehan went MIA.

Her exact location is unknown, but it is assumed to be somewhere within padded walls.

Why do Liberals ignore threats?

From FNC:

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea accused the United States on Sunday
of stepping up preparations to attack and said that justified the communist
state's nuclear weapons program.
North Korea's Minju Joson newspaper cited
planned drills with South Korea and other U.S. military activity in the
Asia-Pacific region as evidence Washington was preparing to invade.

And of course, there's Iran.

If there's one thing I don't understand, it's the Liberal isolationism on things like this. The only time Democrats do seem to care about threats is when bashing Bush. ("Why Iraq? Why not North Korea?")

Other than that, not irritating other countries is apparently more important to Liberals than trying to protect our country.

Think about it: Churchill was maligned as a crazy old man for recognizing the Nazi threat. (The threat that Roosevelt and our leaders brilliantly and hawkishly allowed to grow to the beast it was when it caught us flat-footed at Pearl Harbor.)

Countless Liberals have excused Castro and the true horror of that regime.

During the Cold War(the war Liberals stubbornly refused to admit was actually a war.), "Arms races" were decried. After the KAL Incident, (Incident?? Hardly.) Liberal columnist bemoaned that it would be "used" by "cold warriors" and damage relations!

Now this: any threat that the our President dares recognize - if Liberals talk about it, it seems to be "Oh Gosh, I hope the President doesn't invade another country for oil!"

I know Republicans have also ignored threats. But it sure doesn't seem like as much as Liberals do.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

How do you like my new font?

I'm finally learning how to use my template! It's a little hard to read, I know. I need to learn how to make only my blog title this way.
What do you think about it?

I'll try to be back to blogging politically soon.

These are fun!

You Are 30% Weird

Not enough to scare other people...
But sometimes you scare yourself.

Your Animal Personality

Your Power Animal: Swan

Animal You Were in a Past Life: Rabbit

You are passive, sentimental, and emotional.
You sometimes lack self-confidence, but you are creative and rational.

What Your Blue Outfit Means

You're a classic girl with an impeccable sense of style.
Down to earth you project a loyal and honest persona.
You are sweetly feminine - a strong, tough guy can't resist you.

Designer match: Prada

Signature accessory: Fur lined leather gloves

    *sigh* Apparently I don't know any tough guys! :) LOL.

      You Are 24% Abnormal

      You are at low risk for being a psychopath. It is unlikely that you have no soul.

      You are at medium risk for having a borderline personality. It is somewhat likely that you are a chaotic mess.

      You are at low risk for having a narcissistic personality. It is unlikely that you are in love with your own reflection.

      You are at medium risk for having a social phobia. It is somewhat likely that you feel most comfortable in your mom's basement.

      You are at medium risk for obsessive compulsive disorder. It is somewhat likely that you are addicted to hand sanitizer.

      Okay, I'll stop boring you with the silly blogththings. You gotta admit, they're addictive!

      Breaking News...

      Fox News Alert: Dubai Company to Give Up Stake in Some U.S. Ports

      There aren't any links on this yet, but the story is currently running on FNC. This is good for Republicans, bad for Democrats. Hopefully, nothing else will fall into the Democrats' lap and make them look this "tough" on National Security.

      Update: Story link here.

      From the article:
      ... The Thursday announcement was a blow for Democrats, who were pushing for a Senate vote on an amendment that would halt the deal. If they succeeded in that vote, Democrats could then claim a big election year win in the area of national security — an area Republicans generally have a stronger track record on...

      Exactly what I was thinking. So, it seems poor Hillary's going to have to find another way to make herself look tough.

      Tuesday, March 07, 2006

      What do you think?

      Yes, I'm alive. Sorry for the non-blogging. I'll try to get around to y'all's sites tonight. Now for my post:

      Gov. Rounds Signs Bill Banning Most S.D. Abortions
      SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Gov. Mike Rounds signed legislation Monday banning
      nearly all abortions in South Dakota, setting up a court fight aimed at
      challenging the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.
      The bill would make it a crime for doctors to perform an abortion unless the
      procedure was necessary to save the woman's life. It would make no exception for
      cases of rape or incest.

      Click here to read the text of the bill (pdf).

      So... what do you think? Would you favor something like this is your state?
      I know the most contentious issue is that there's no exception for rape and incest.
      Do you favor the bill as it is? What if there were an exception? (Keep in mind that such situations account for roughly 1-2% of all abortions.)

      My take? I love it. I hope my state passes a law similar to this.
      Oh! you scream, but what about the poor girl who got raped?
      Get real. There is no way that all fifty states would ever outlaw abortion, and I'm sure NARAL or Planned Parenthood would gladly provide transportation to another state for an abortion. Even though I personally am against abortion unless the mother's life is in danger, I'm close to positive the option will always be open.

      So that's my take. Tell me what you think.

      Saturday, March 04, 2006

      Oh, well, golly gee what a great idea.

      CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — A recent University of North Carolina graduate was charged
      with nine counts of attempted murder Saturday, a day after authorities say he
      drove through a popular campus gathering spot in an attempt to avenge Muslim
      Derek Poarch, chief of the university police department, confirmed
      Saturday that Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, a 22-year-old Iran native, told
      investigators he wanted to "avenge the deaths or murders of Muslims around the
      world." Read the rest

      Oh, well. That just makes perfect sense. I know... - let me just run my truck into a crowd of people! That should turn out well.
      But, after all, coherant thought isn't very prevelant in the Muslim world right now.

      The personalities I never knew I had...




      Elmer Fudd(!)

      Swedish Chef


      Pig Latin(Ia ouldca oda at-tha)


      They're kind of self-explanatory... so Look yourself up.

      Wednesday, March 01, 2006

      If I were Karl Rove...

      I'm getting somewhat frustrated with GWB, so for fantasy's sake, I'll just prepare a memo.

      For the desk of President George W. Bush:

      Mr. President,
      The Conservative base that elected you is growing bored, if not frustrated. The satisfaction from the Alito and Roberts nominations is not enough to carry you forever.
      You are quickly losing your credibility from your one biggest calling-card - defending America.

      Mr. President, we will sit by as you let the border leak like a sieve, while you spend like a drunken Democrat and feed the beast.

      Yes, Mr. President, those things can be ignored, even forgotten, because up until now, you were still impressive compared to most Democrats.

      The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are still going well. The accomplishments are impressive.

      You are standing tough against Iran. We can actually believe that sanctions are not all you're willing to do.

      Unfortunately, the only reason right now that Conservatives have to like you is world issues.

      The UAE Ports deal is a disastrous idea. Letting an Arab company run our ports? Ally or no ally, that's ridiculous. It's too late now, though. Standing by the idea makes the Democrats look tough on National Security. Nixing makes it look like it was their idea to nix it.

      But security is more important than politics. And, Democrats will claim credibility for anything, and probably get away with it. So kill the idea. You're just feeding the scandal by doing nothing.

      Do it, Mr. President.
      If you lose your base, you've got nothing. Just ask your Dad.

      Saddam: "Where is the crime?"

      BAGHDAD, Iraq — A defiant Saddam Hussein admitted in court Wednesday that he ordered the trial of 148 Shiites eventually executed in the 1980s, but he insisted that doing so was legal because they were suspected in an assassination attempt against him.
      "Where is the crime? Where is the crime?" Saddam asked, standing before the panel of five judges...

      Read the rest.

      Hey Saddam: maybe you need a refresher.