Monday, March 13, 2006

I just had to post this...

I think this has to be Ann Coulter's funniest column since the election season.


In case you missed the Oscars last Sunday night, here are the highlights:
— Best song went to a musical tribute to the overseers of human sex slaves,
an occupation known as "pimping";
— best picture went to a movie about racism in Los Angeles;
— best supporting actor went to the movie about how oil companies murder
people; and
— best supporting actress went to the movie about how pharmaceutical
companies murder people...
... Brokeback Mountain" did not win best picture, "Munich" won nothing, and
the Palestinian suicide bombers movie won nothing...

There was no Bush-bashing. There was no Michael Moore. The host was not
Whoopi Goldberg, so that's a big fat reward to every man, woman and child in
America right there.

This may have been the most American Oscars yet, if America consisted of
beautiful airheads in $50,000 dresses. And that was just the guys in "Brokeback

Read the rest. It gets better.