Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tancredo Criticizes Flight 93 Memorial

Read more here
"WASHINGTON — A congressman is asking the U.S. government to reconsider the crescent-shaped design of the memorial to those aboard a plane hijacked on Sept. 11, 2001, because some may think it honors the terrorists."

This isn't a victory, but it's a start. I think everyone is able to and should at least write a letter to the editor. You should also write your representative and/or the National Park Service. The public helped derail the "International Freedom Center" plans in New York, we can get this done too!

Make a Difference About The Memorial Plan
I wonder...
Notice Anything?
Flight 93 - Update
Flight 93
Here we go again...

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Capitol Holiday Tree Is a Christmas Tree Again

Frankly, this all seems a little crazy to me. A lot of silly semantics.
No other holiday around this time(Kwanzaa, Hannukah) involves Christmas trees. If people were really interested in not being "discriminated against", the thing to do would be to take away the tree, not rename it. Obviously there's political play by both sides, but come now... "Let's go Holiday shopping!" or "I hope Santa brings me lots of Holiday presents!"

Can you imagine it? I can't.

Monday, November 28, 2005

My New Quiz

Are you a Southerner at heart?

I created this quiz on Quiz Farm - so if you guys feel like wasting your time...
Let me know what you get!

This is too funny

Well, we can see how popular Cindy Sheehan is(from Sweetness and Light)

See here how well her recent book signing went:

Mad dashes and stampedes ensued near the autograph table.

Cindy was swamped by autograph seekers and...

...seating quickly ran out, leaving some to crouch on the floor.


So with this amazing turnout for the event, why must Reuters report it with this picture?

Hmm... can't imagine why...

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Some Great Pictures...

I posted something similar recently, but I decided to post again because another blogger,
Born Again Redneck, posted some I haven't seen. So, here is my updated post:

This made me proud to be American. But also angry.
Angry that Hollywood elites, while living in freedoms won, still blame America -
and her soldiers - first.
Angry that atrocities by the other side are ignored, while non-proven non-events by our side are used to smear our soldiers and our efforts.
Angry that screaming radicals get a mouthpiece and airtime, while average, grateful Iraqi citizens are ignored.
Angry that negative press for Bush seems to be worth slandering and spoiling the reputation of American heroes.
I am not ignorant. War is hell. But...

"War is an ugly thing but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feelings which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.

-- John Stuart Mill

Surprise, surprise...

I took the same online quiz that Mary Ann took, and...

You Should Get a JD (Juris Doctor)

You're logical, driven, and ruthless.
You'd make a mighty fine lawyer.

Oh. That's nice.

As if we needed any more proof of how nutty PETA is...

From Fox News:
"People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, has begun a campaign to scare children into becoming vegetarians.
The group, which formed to stop animal testing of consumer products but made its name by attacking women in fur coats with fake blood, is producing comic books that portray fathers as homicidal maniacs.
The handout, titled "Your Daddy Kills Animals," features a grinning lunatic gutting a fish, and warns kids to keep their puppies and kittens away from Dad because he's "hooked on killing."... Publicity stunts are nothing new for PETA, which has run ads featuring naked women in cages and people dressed in animal suits warning about the dangers of eating meat."


This really makes me mad...

Apparently, people have found a new "Mumia". Read more here.
Convicted murderer Stanley "Tookie" Williams, the co-founder of the violent Crips gang who is on Death Row in California... He is scheduled to be executed on Dec. 13 after 24 years of legal wrangling. The San Francisco Chronicle reports today that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to hold a clemency hearing Dec. 8.
Among the Save Tookie brigades:
Snoop Dogg, Bianca Jagger, Jesse Jackson, Margaret Cho, Mike Farrell, Jason Alexander, Laurence Fishburne, Danny Glover, Anjelica Huston, Bonnie Raitt, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, and Noah Wyle.
[End quote]

Here are some facts Michelle Malkin brought up in a column when this slime was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize:

"Williams was convicted of murdering four innocent bystanders with a sawed-off shotgun in 1979. There was nothing peaceful or compassionate about the way [Albert Owens], Thsai-Shai Yang, Yen-I Yang and Yee Chen Lin died. Owen[s] was a white teen-age clerk at a 7-11 convenience store, shot twice in the back of the head -- execution-style -- as he lay unarmed on the floor during a hold-up."

Sounds like a really, um, peaceful guy.
Makes me sick.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Does This Surprise Anyone?

"TEHRAN, Iran —
Iran's hard-line president said Saturday the Bush administration should be tried on war crimes charges, and he denounced the West for pressuring Iran to curb its controversial nuclear program.
"You, who have used nuclear weapons against innocent people, who have used uranium ordnance in Iraq, should be tried as war criminals in courts," Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in an apparent reference to the United States.
Ahmadinejad did not elaborate, but he apparently was referring to the U.S. military's reported use of artillery shells packed with depleted uranium, which is far less radioactive than natural uranium and is left over from the process of enriching uranium for use as nuclear fuel.
Since the Iraq war started in 2003, American forces have fired at least 120 tons of shells packed with depleted uranium, an extremely dense material used by the U.S. and British militaries to penetrate tank armor. Once fired, the shells melt, vaporize and turn to dust."
I have been disappointed, but not surprised at all the crazy things said by this guy since he "won" the election earlier this year. As with Hugo Chavez, I'm just hoping people will wake up and do something before saying crazy things turns into doing crazy things.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Web polls have started

Well, hope y'all all had a great holiday! I'm still in slow-mo from all that food...
Just a quick announcement here:
I have started up my own personal web polls. A new one will be there every week or so.
You can see it on my sidebar. I want y'all's opinion so please vote. You can also leave comments. Lookin' forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I had wanted to celebrate my 100th post by having a change of pace, but some things were too important to pass up. So here it is now. A post about... nothing! Here are some random pictures.

My little brother reading to our
cat. And that ain't no cat maga-
zine - she just loves Readers'

The charmer. What can I say?

Another one of our "babies". Yeah, she's really in my purse. >

Our dog Reagan, irritating our other dog, Gabriel. It's a hobby with her.

Multitasking... me reading "Slander", writing, watching TV and being a nice bed for Bandit.

I probably won't be blogging any more this week - so... Happy Thanksgiving!

Phantom_driver tipped me off about this. Apparently some organizations are now paying people to be political bloggers. This particular site is a legitimate classifieds site. Could this explain all the nasty "debate" comments we have to deal with? I have gotten some comments that are hard to describe as anything more than shills. Whether I delete them or laugh at them depends on my mood and how many profanities they use. This is good to know.
I can't go over everything Phantom uncovered, so check out his site for more info.

Monday, November 21, 2005

"They're not evil..."

You won't believe what Chris Matthews said:
From Edmonton Sun, via Michelle Malkin
"In a speech to political science students at the University of Toronto, the host of the CNBC current affairs show Hardball had plenty of harsh words for U.S. President George W. Bush, as well as the political climate that has characterized his country for the last few years.
"The period between 9-11 and (invading) Iraq was not a good time for America. There wasn't a robust discussion of what we were doing," Matthews said."If we stop trying to figure out the other side, we've given up.

"The person on the other side is not evil. They just have a different perspective."

I found this very interesting.

Inside Iran Part 1: A Country At a Crossroads.

If you happen to have an attention span like mine - don't worry, it's short!
But, like I said, very interesting.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

She seems fed up here...

Gee, wonder why? Michelle Malkin has been the target of horrible racist attacks on her blog and elsewhere. This is disgusting, but she says she should expect it. But in this post she lays out her disgust for the personal attacks on her family.

If you have a problem with my work and what I stand for, go ahead and take me on. Keep calling me whatever four-letter word makes you feel better when you can't win your arguments. But leave my family alone.
[End Quote]

This is completely called-for. I've experienced just a little of what Michelle Malkin has to go through, and it's enraging. Answer someone point by point and they usually resort to slimy personal attacks.
Memo to these guys:
Get a life.

Could it be?

That Zarqawi was killed? Obviously nobody knows for sure yet, but this just could be another in a string of Iraq "never gonna happen" events, happening.
I'm very hopeful.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

And THAT is why

I couldn't care less what happens to terrorists at Gitmo.

Read here.
via Jakarta Post:
A cosmetics salesgirl was attacked and murdered on Friday morning by three machete-wielding men in Palu, Central Sulawesi, in yet another grisly terror attack on young females in the tense province.
Twenty-year-old Supriyanti -- Yanti to those close to her -- was attacked by three men riding a motorcycle. She was also on a motorcycle with two friends.
Yanti's friend Anca, 23, who was driving, managed to avoid injury, while Yanti and her friend Evi, 20, received full blows from the machetes.
Yanti suffered a fatal laceration to her neck, while Evi's arm was nearly hacked off by the attackers.
After the men sped away, Anca took his seriously injured friends to Wirabuana hospital, but they were not admitted as hospital personnel barred them from entering on the grounds that "the wounds were too serious".
He later managed to get both Evi and Yanti to Undata Hospital, but Yanti died on the way due to blood loss...

Yet with these horrible acts of violence by the enemy(and yes, they are the enemy!) some have the gall to be "outraged" by our troops calling someone a homosexual, or subjecting them to extreme temeratures, or even (allegedly) burning someone who's already dead!

It's absolutely despicable.

Time to start listening

Chavez accuses Bush of plotting against him.
Fox News:
CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez accuses Washington of plotting to overthrow him, calls President Bush a "murderer" and is expelling some American missionaries who he insists have links to the CIA... "The people of the United States are governed by a murderer ... a crazy man!" Chavez said in a speech Thursday night.
Chavez has sought to make his case citing U.S. documents, online reports and statements from Washington. "Military plans to attack Venezuela are in full preparation," he told thousands of demonstrators recently at an international summit in Argentina, warning that a U.S. attack would trigger a "100-year war."... He says Venezuela must be prepared to defend itself and has called for volunteers to join the army reserve while ordering 100,000 Russian-made Kalashnikov rifles.

Here's my opinion on this recent Pat Robertson controversy. No, it wasn't right for a national figure(a religious one, at that) to call for an assassination. Anyone should know that.
But with all this hoopla, something seemingly overlooked by everyone was this: do you really think Hugo Chavez deserves to be taken seriously?
Well, actually he does. Very seriously.
This guy is a laughingstock now, but seems to be setting himself up to be another Fidel Castro. Something must be done, and the sooner we start paying attention, the less chance that there will be another brutal dictatorship like Castro's.

Friday, November 18, 2005

In case you didn't hear(and if you don't watch Fox, you probably didn't.)

Bill Clinton recently criticized the Iraq war as a "big mistake". Okay, no big deal.
But Clinton was in Dubai when he did it. No, it wasn't a screaming, raving Bush-is-Hitler speech, but still, I'm very upset that a Former President wouldn't at least have the dignity not to criticize the war while Americans are fighting not too far away.

Dissent is a good thing. But at least have the courage to stay on your own soil to do it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Where did they all go?

Remember Cindy Sheehan? Well, maybe you don't. If you watch network news, she might as well have dropped off the face of the earth. Apparently even they decided she couldn't pass for just another Mom any more, especially after she got herself arrested and decided to tie herself to the White House Fence.
It didn't help that the " greiving Mom being dragged away helplessly" photo-op planned didn't really turn out that way.

What about Gitmo? For weeks that non-event got splashed across the headlines, had stories made up about it, and loonies like Dick Durbin eagerly helping the whole mess along. Now?
As if it never existed. Apparently the media decided that a place that Senators can survive in is surely fit for terrorists. Or maybe there was no evidence?

Tom DeLay had his name smeared through the mud for months. "Embattled" was a common word used to describe him. It finally proceeded to an indictment - for something far less serious than speculated.
Oops. Turns out the prosecuter is a committed Democrat and political enemy of Tom DeLay, and has done embarrassing things (including letting a film crew follow him around) that at least seem to indicate a conflict of interest.
Again, that story has disappeared.

And, it looks like it's heading that way for the "CIA Leak case". The Washington Post's Bob Woodward is disputing Special Prosecuter Patrick Fitzgerald's claims that Libby leaked.

Sheehan, Gitmo, DeLay, (I'm betting)Libby... Where'd they all go?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


In my zeal for spreading the word about Operation Green Shirt/ Yellow Ribbon I broke a cardinal rule of polite blogging, and might've caused some of you to do the same.
I went to many different blogsites with a pretyped non-personal/ non subject message. This was rude and basically spam and I apologize for that.

I want to thank Confederate Yankee for taking the time to politely point that out to me in an email. He didn't have to do that, but I'm very glad he did. It's nice to know one of the big-time bloggers is also a gentleman. (His site's great too, of course!)

Anyway, if you're going to spread the word, please do these things:
Be personal. Don't just comment about this, comment about what their post was about. Bloggers want feedback, not advertisements.
If you're lying about liking their site, better move on. They'll find out sooner or later and if not, well, being genuine is more important.

What do you think?

The public to the Jordan bombings has been very different this time.
It was actually very surprising(and heartening) to see Jordanians demonstrating against terror and Al Zarqawi.

But what do you think? Is this an indication of a changing mindset, or just temporary anger that will disappear when it's Westerners getting killed?

I'm not sure. I think Zarqawi has definitely lost much of his credibility in Jordan, but I just don't know as far as terror in general.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Oh, Please.

We all know Liberals hate homeschooling.

But I never thought they'd take it this far. I'm sure y'all heard, David Ludwig, the guy who shot his girlfriend's parents is homeschooled.
But the whole story on ABC a few minutes ago was on the fact he is homeschooled, using typical phrases like, "this is exactly the kind of thing homeschoolers try to avoid", etc.
They made a great to-do about him being homeschooled and 'devout Christian'.

So, let's see... the fact that all the rioters in France are Muslim isn't noteworthy, but this solitary, extremely isolated incident is?

From the "SO WHAT?" files...

Report: Alito Wrote That Constitution Does Not Protect Abortion

Okay... I suppose now it's bad for a Supreme Court Justice to agree with half of America?

As you might've noticed, I have moved "Operation Green Shirt/ Yellow Ribbon to my links bar at the side of the page so I can start up regular blogging again.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Okay, it's offical now. Operation Green shirt/ Yellow ribbon has been launched! Please spread the word.

From now on, every Friday wear green(preferably hunter green) with a yellow ribbon on your lapel or around your wrist. This is a counter to the movement to wear black "until our troops come home".

The green will symbolize our support for our troops and their mission. They are placing their lives on the line for a noble cause and we must never forget it.
The yellow will symbolize our hope for them to come home soon, safe and sound.

Like I said, please spread the word on your blogs, and comment on others' blogs as well. That's what I'm gonna do.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Veterans Day

You probably know - today is Veterans Day. I thought it would be a good way to honor by linking this site:

Show them you remember - send a care package.

Quick links:
Stars and Stripes
Michael Yon
History of Veterans Day

To all Soldiers, past and present:
Thank you!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Okay, now I need your opinion one more time.

I think I've narrowed it down to two choices.

My first would be called Operation Green Shirt/ yellow ribbon.

The green shirt would symbolize our support for the troops and their mission.
The yellow ribbon(worn around the wrist or on your shirt lapel)
would be symbolic of our hope for their soon return.

My next option is to wear a yellow shirt, symbolizing our hope for the troops' soon return.

I'm not sure which one to choose, so please vote again. Tell me what your choice is.

Thank you!


I need your feedback on something. As you might know, various liberal groups have been trying to start a movement to wear black every Friday "until our troops come home".

I had an idea to start a movement to honor our troops and their mission, and to express hope for them to come home soon, victorious, not yielding to terrorists.

Okay, here's where you come in. I want you to vote on it. Take it to the people, right?:)
Vote any color you want, though - an advance warning - red is definitely out, as are black and colors like camoflauge which, obviously, very few people have.
I'm hoping for a symbolicly military color, so if you can, please explain the military meaning of your color.
Remember, the blog accepts anonymous and "other" comments. So non-bloggers can vote, too.
Please pass the word!

NOTE: If you want to comment and bash the war in Iraq, don't bother. You'll be deleted because that's not what this post is for; it's to get feedback from other Conservatives about how to best honor our troops and their mission.

More of something that doesn't exist...

More terrorism. This time in Jordan.
AMMAN, Jordan — Three explosions hit hotels in Jordan's capital Wednesday night, killing at least 67 people and wounding more than 300 others in a coordinated terrorist attack, Jordanian officials said.
Deputy Prime Minister Marwan Muasher confirmed that the downtown Amman attacks were carried out by at least three individuals: a homicide bomber who walked into a wedding at the Radisson SAS, another homicide bomber who walked into the lobby of the Grand Hyatt and a homicide car bomber who tried to drive into the Days Inn.

[End quote]

Propaganda! Bush lied! He made it all up - there. is. no. terrorist. threat!

Suuure. I believe it.

Actually, I'm beginning to suspect this is all one planned strike.

London, Bali, Paris, Australia, Jordan... All either highly populated with westerners or allies with the United States.

It's not too unfeasable.

I'm just testing something...

I'm just posting here so I can have this picture on my profile. What do you think of it?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

This Really Made Me Mad

Apparently, it does take a village - at least when parents don't want it to.

Michael Moore and Halliburton

Worst enemies, right?

Well, a new book is out to prove otherwise.

The author, Peter Schweizer, known for his previous works, "The Bushes" and "Reagan's War" has come out with another one; "Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy" in which he exposes that Michael - "Capitalism is evil" - Moore owns, nearly 2,000 shares of Boeing, nearly 1,000 of Sonoco, more than 4,000 of Best Foods, more than 3,000 of Eli Lilly, more than 8,000 of Bank One and more than 2,000 of Halliburton.

The book also points out such glaring inconsistencies as the fact that Barbra Streisand owns an SUV, and that Ralph Nader lives in luxury homes registered in his siblings' names.

Not that anything is neccessarily wrong with wealth, or with owning an SUV, or having stock. But if you're going to attack something, it's a good thing to avoid it yourself.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Breaking News

From Fox's homepage:
"Australian Police Say Terror Attack Foiled; 15 Arrested".

There's no other info yet, will keep an eye on this to see what unfolds...

I can't see how people say the terrorist threat was "invented" by the White House as a "scare tactic".
What with London, Bali and now this... talk about head in the sand!

Riots Claim First Life

This is just terrible.
A 61-year-old man... died Monday of wounds sustained in an attack as he tried to put out a trash can fire, the first fatality since the unrest began.

This is a tragic lesson to learn for France. If you ignore a problem, it ain't going away. France's poor neighborhoods, aside from being hell-holes, are a breeding ground for radical Islamists,
and obviously, France's typical pattern of ignoring it didn't work.
Something has to be done.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

This is wierd...

Not sure exactly what he was trying to accomplish, but didja hear about what Warren Beatty did?
From Fox News:
"LOS ANGELES — Actors Warren Beatty and wife Annette Bening tried to crash a campaign appearance Saturday by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger...The Hollywood couple strode side-by-side to the entrance of an airport hangar where several hundred of the governor's supporters had gathered. A Schwarzenegger aide told the "Bulworth" star he was not on the guest list and did not have the appropriate wristband to get inside.
"You have to have a wristband to listen to the governor?" Bening asked... Beatty planned to shadow Schwarzenegger throughout the day as the governor campaigned. He has been repeatedly mentioned as a possible challenger to Schwarzenegger, but he said Saturday that he would not be a candidate in next year's gubernatorial race."

I'm still trying to figure this one out. Was it a brazen publicity stunt? A political play? Maybe it just seemed normal out in la-la land.
Like I said, weird...

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Some New Questions...

Feel free to continue the debate about the other topics below, but here are some new questions for you:

[These abortion questions have to do with my default assumption that the pregnancy was normal and not as a result of rape, and there is not danger to the mother's life because these situations occur in roughly 2 percent of cases overall.]

For Guys:
Would you want your wife having an abortion? What about your daughter?
Would you want your daughter or wife to be provided an abortion without your knowledge?
Would you still support your wife's "right to choose" if you wanted the baby and she didn't?
What are your reasons against/for abortion? I'd like to hear them.
For Gals:
Would you consider having an abortion?
What if your husband/ parents didn't want you to? Would that in any way influence you?
Would you want your daughter to have an abortion without your knowledge?
What are your reasons you feel it isn't/is your "right to choose"? I'd like to hear them.
1: Okay, now for my answers. I would not/could not ever consider an abortion. It's absolutely heinous to vacum a baby out. I consider it horrible how pro-abortion people try to dehumanize unborn babies.
2:This question is irrelevant to me.
3: I do not have children, but no, I wouldn't.
4: It is just bad law to tie in the so-called "right to privacy" with killing another living human. How is it possible that police could stop someone from, say, jumping off a bridge or doing drugs?
Isn't that against the "right to privacy"?
How is it that Scott Peterson was convicted of double murder for the murder of Laci and her unborn child? Notice, the media never used the words, "potential child" or "fetus". Why? Because that baby was wanted.
The deciding factor in whether someone is human or not shouldn't be whether or not they're wanted.


For some reason, my profile went to the bottom of my page. It did this once before, and then one day it just reappeared on top again. I tried editing my template, but that didn't work. Maybe something's wrong with my template - or maybe I'm just computer stupid - but thanks anyway in advance for any help you can give me!

More Rioting

"By 1 a.m., a spokesman for the national police reported 11 vehicles torched in the capital, and 546 vehicles burnt overall during the 10th straight night of rioting. Totals are expected to rise by morning... Triggered by the deaths of two teenagers who were electrocuted while fleeing from police, the unrest has taken on unprecedented scope and intensity. The violence hit far-flung corners of France on Saturday, from Rouen in Normandy to Bordeaux in the southwest to Strasbourg near the German border, but the Paris region has borne the brunt."

At the very beginning, I found this almost funny because of the Parisians view of themselves as so much more "cultured" than we Americans.

But this is hardly funny - it's an outrage. Like the race riots in Toledo,these rioters need to know: they are fighting against themselves and they are proving more eloquently than words, that they truly are, as Nicolas Sarkozy said, "scum".

This Is Scary

Pirates attack cruise ship.

Fox News:
MIAMI — Pirates fired a rocket-propelled grenade and machine guns Saturday in an attack on a luxury cruise liner off the east African coast, the vessel's owners said.
Two armed boats approached the Seabourn Spirit about 100 miles off the coast of Somalia and fired as the boats' occupants attempted to get onboard, said Bruce Good, a spokesman for Miami-based Seabourn Cruise Line, a subsidiary of Carnival Corp.
The ship outran them and changed its course.
"Our suspicion at this time is that the motive was theft," Good said

Wow. If these guys with relatively small numbers and using weapons apparently rather accesible on the black market, were almost successful, what does this say about what terrorists are capable of?

Just a thought.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Weapons, Military and Other Random Things

Alright, here's my updated version. I'm borrowing an idea from Gayle here(hope you don't mind!)

Some random questions for Liberals and Conservatives:

1: Would you own a gun? Carry one? Have one in the house? Would you allow your son or daughter to have a weapon?

2: How do you feel about the new "stand your ground" laws being passed in some states and pushed in others? Do you think it makes sense, think it's dangerous or don't know what I'm talking about?

3: What about gun control in general?

4: How do you feel about military recruiters in general? What about in schools?

5: Do you agree with the use of "coercive" interrogation techniques? How do you feel about the recent "abuse" scandals? Were they terribly overblown, or ignored too much?

Okay, that's all I can think of now. If there's something you think I missed, comment and let me know.

I'm sure these issues will ruffle some feathers, but no ranting, meanness or conspiracy theories.
Just don't bother because you will be deleted.
Keep your comments at least marginally polite and check your facts before you post. Also, keep it clean.

As for my answers,
1: Yes! My brother just got a .22 and has been pestering me to get one, too. As soon as I can legally carry one, I plan to.

2: I completely agree with that law. Strange misinformation about it has been floating around, but the law basically says that if you're on your property, and you feel your life is in danger, you have a legal right to shoot without trying to "nuetralize" the situation or retreat as before required, which I find completely sensible.

3: I am completely against gun control and I think the facts back me up. Crime decreases, not increases, where guns are owned. I have a right to protect myself with a gun if I want to. If you criminalize guns... only Criminals will have 'em. If a criminal's already planning to break about 20 laws, I don't think a couple more will stop it.

4: I think military recruiters have a right to be wherever they want as long as they're not breaking any laws or behaving inappropriately.

5: I absolutely, completely, totally agree with the use of coercive interrogation techniques.
Did you know that interrogators at Gitmo aren't even allowed to yell at the detainees except in "extreme circumstances"? It enrages me when people like Dick Durbin compare the atrocities of Nazis with a situation like using extreme temparatures or sleep deprivation.

I think the Abu Graib story was way overblown. Sure, when things like that are going on like that, outrage is necessary to stop it and keep it from going farther. But more than 50 front-page stories in the NY Times? I'd call that overblown.

Another Update:
I just wanted to thank all of you for participating. This is a record as far as comments on my blog!
I do wish I could've gotten more liberals to comment -- I enjoy political debate... Ah, well. Thanks anyway!
Feel free to continue commenting, though this might be hidden in awhile as I'm starting up regular posting again.

Yet another update:
Finally some liberals show up! Good debate, keep it goin'. Thanks everyone for keeping your comments clean and polite. If I get many more, I'll put this up at the top of the page.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I just had to link this...

I was reading over some of Phantom_driver's archives... I saw this one again. I've gotta say, it's the funniest bit of blog I've read in a long time, so I decided to link it. Obviously, his blogging's paying off. I hear Phantom_driver now is gettin' more than 100 hits a day...
Keep it up!
(Or should I say... Hooah!)