Sunday, March 12, 2006

Cindy Sheehan, MIA

Once, she was the toast of the town. Or the media, anyway. Glowing articles and near-constant attention marked her every word.
Eventually though, the luster of her fifteen minutes of fame was bound to dull.
The compassionate media hounds were growing slightly worried after hearing, and then ignoring Cindy's daily rants about how Bush was a 'lying bastard! What about that don't you Neo-Con Bush mouthpieces understand?!'.
But Cindy, thinking the media would worship whatever she did, grew bold. Slight craziness that could be ignored gave way to
full-fledged insanity, and the media lost hope of concealing her true feelings.

Such is the story of how Cindy Sheehan went MIA.

Her exact location is unknown, but it is assumed to be somewhere within padded walls.