Wednesday, March 01, 2006

If I were Karl Rove...

I'm getting somewhat frustrated with GWB, so for fantasy's sake, I'll just prepare a memo.

For the desk of President George W. Bush:

Mr. President,
The Conservative base that elected you is growing bored, if not frustrated. The satisfaction from the Alito and Roberts nominations is not enough to carry you forever.
You are quickly losing your credibility from your one biggest calling-card - defending America.

Mr. President, we will sit by as you let the border leak like a sieve, while you spend like a drunken Democrat and feed the beast.

Yes, Mr. President, those things can be ignored, even forgotten, because up until now, you were still impressive compared to most Democrats.

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are still going well. The accomplishments are impressive.

You are standing tough against Iran. We can actually believe that sanctions are not all you're willing to do.

Unfortunately, the only reason right now that Conservatives have to like you is world issues.

The UAE Ports deal is a disastrous idea. Letting an Arab company run our ports? Ally or no ally, that's ridiculous. It's too late now, though. Standing by the idea makes the Democrats look tough on National Security. Nixing makes it look like it was their idea to nix it.

But security is more important than politics. And, Democrats will claim credibility for anything, and probably get away with it. So kill the idea. You're just feeding the scandal by doing nothing.

Do it, Mr. President.
If you lose your base, you've got nothing. Just ask your Dad.