Monday, March 13, 2006

I probably shouldn't do this, but...

I think someone's off their meds...

"Kirk" left a complimentary comment on my site.

So I checked out his.

I was stupid enough not to read farther down before making a reasonable and sensible comment on this post.

Here is my comment: (Kirk's post was about the evils of any birth control AT ALL, EVER. Should have clued me in there...)

Well, I don't totally agree with you.
In the story you are referring to, I think the man was punished for
a) being deceptive and
b) disobeying God's plan and doing things his way.
A lot of the Biblical language comes from culture.
In Bible times, children represented security, blessings, and affluence.
That being said, there's a wide definition of "birth control". I do NOT support the morning after pill, nor do I as a Christian support umarried people using birth control instead of abstinince!

Kirk responded:

I misjudged you. I had thought that you were a conservative, but it is obvious from your comment that you are a liberal feminazi. I should have known when I saw that stupid cat.

He then commenced to go off praising another commentator who said we should send TexasFred, Big White Hat and others to a "penal colony" in Guam or something.

So, anyway, here's my theory. Since this sounds like something off The Daily Show, I suspect this is (something I've never seen before!) a Liberal with a sense of humor.

Or... he's off his meds. He also told TexasFred that he and Jesus would be quote "laughing their a**es off" when Fred's burning in hell.
He also spouts joyous phrases like these:

Either you are all Conservative or you are a liberal and will burn in Hell with all the other liberals before you.
But, this still begs the question, "Where is the civil debate this country was founded on?"

I must have a disorder. Whenever I run into a nut on a blog, I just have to post about them, so y'all can see how crazy they are.