Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Time for some random questions again!

I did one of these awhile back, and I figured I should again.
So here goes:

#1: The obvious: How do you think Iraq is going? Is it really going as well as we're told? Is it really going as badly as we're told?

#2: What's your opinion of Bush so far? Good, bad, just okay?

#3: Who do you think will win most seats in the midterms? Who do you want to win?

Okay, my answers.
#1: Neither, really. I think mistakes have been made, and the situation is far from perfect, but I also don't believe the doomsday cries from the media. If you just put it in perspective with any other war from history, suddenly 3 years and 2000 deaths aren't all that bad.

#2: Hmm... I go back and forth. Let me just say, it's irritating that Bush turned into a complete RINO on fiscal issues and the border. But there are things I like and support him on, namely most of how he's fought the war on terror. So I guess it would be okay.

#3: That's a hard one. I think as long as Democrats keep up their attitude they've been showing, it'll be an easy one for Republicans. But... Republicans have to unite and stop being afraid to do anything before the elections.

Now... Tell me what you think!