Monday, March 27, 2006

Now we hate you! Now we don't.

I've noticed something. Some of ABC's reporters have blogs now. (The other networks' probably do too, but I'm just too tired to look now.)

I wouldn't have even bothered to look except - okay, I admit it! - I wanted to know what Jake Tapper said about meeting Taylor Hicks. (Hicks was "unrefined", by the way.)

Honestly, that's about all they're worth, too.
I know some contain really useful and intelligent facts.

But what good is a blog if it doesn't have an opinion? While some show an opinion on such things as Slobodon Milosevich and Child Trafficking - doesn't everyone?
And I could get the "We're fair and really have no opinion, but we really like liberals and Iraq is a mess." line from your main page, guys.

It's hilarious to me how the MSM operates. They ignored blogs. They slandered blogs. They snickered at blogs.
Now... guess who has blogs?