Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Where did they all go?

Remember Cindy Sheehan? Well, maybe you don't. If you watch network news, she might as well have dropped off the face of the earth. Apparently even they decided she couldn't pass for just another Mom any more, especially after she got herself arrested and decided to tie herself to the White House Fence.
It didn't help that the " greiving Mom being dragged away helplessly" photo-op planned didn't really turn out that way.

What about Gitmo? For weeks that non-event got splashed across the headlines, had stories made up about it, and loonies like Dick Durbin eagerly helping the whole mess along. Now?
As if it never existed. Apparently the media decided that a place that Senators can survive in is surely fit for terrorists. Or maybe there was no evidence?

Tom DeLay had his name smeared through the mud for months. "Embattled" was a common word used to describe him. It finally proceeded to an indictment - for something far less serious than speculated.
Oops. Turns out the prosecuter is a committed Democrat and political enemy of Tom DeLay, and has done embarrassing things (including letting a film crew follow him around) that at least seem to indicate a conflict of interest.
Again, that story has disappeared.

And, it looks like it's heading that way for the "CIA Leak case". The Washington Post's Bob Woodward is disputing Special Prosecuter Patrick Fitzgerald's claims that Libby leaked.

Sheehan, Gitmo, DeLay, (I'm betting)Libby... Where'd they all go?