Saturday, November 05, 2005

Some New Questions...

Feel free to continue the debate about the other topics below, but here are some new questions for you:

[These abortion questions have to do with my default assumption that the pregnancy was normal and not as a result of rape, and there is not danger to the mother's life because these situations occur in roughly 2 percent of cases overall.]

For Guys:
Would you want your wife having an abortion? What about your daughter?
Would you want your daughter or wife to be provided an abortion without your knowledge?
Would you still support your wife's "right to choose" if you wanted the baby and she didn't?
What are your reasons against/for abortion? I'd like to hear them.
For Gals:
Would you consider having an abortion?
What if your husband/ parents didn't want you to? Would that in any way influence you?
Would you want your daughter to have an abortion without your knowledge?
What are your reasons you feel it isn't/is your "right to choose"? I'd like to hear them.
1: Okay, now for my answers. I would not/could not ever consider an abortion. It's absolutely heinous to vacum a baby out. I consider it horrible how pro-abortion people try to dehumanize unborn babies.
2:This question is irrelevant to me.
3: I do not have children, but no, I wouldn't.
4: It is just bad law to tie in the so-called "right to privacy" with killing another living human. How is it possible that police could stop someone from, say, jumping off a bridge or doing drugs?
Isn't that against the "right to privacy"?
How is it that Scott Peterson was convicted of double murder for the murder of Laci and her unborn child? Notice, the media never used the words, "potential child" or "fetus". Why? Because that baby was wanted.
The deciding factor in whether someone is human or not shouldn't be whether or not they're wanted.