Thursday, November 03, 2005

Weapons, Military and Other Random Things

Alright, here's my updated version. I'm borrowing an idea from Gayle here(hope you don't mind!)

Some random questions for Liberals and Conservatives:

1: Would you own a gun? Carry one? Have one in the house? Would you allow your son or daughter to have a weapon?

2: How do you feel about the new "stand your ground" laws being passed in some states and pushed in others? Do you think it makes sense, think it's dangerous or don't know what I'm talking about?

3: What about gun control in general?

4: How do you feel about military recruiters in general? What about in schools?

5: Do you agree with the use of "coercive" interrogation techniques? How do you feel about the recent "abuse" scandals? Were they terribly overblown, or ignored too much?

Okay, that's all I can think of now. If there's something you think I missed, comment and let me know.

I'm sure these issues will ruffle some feathers, but no ranting, meanness or conspiracy theories.
Just don't bother because you will be deleted.
Keep your comments at least marginally polite and check your facts before you post. Also, keep it clean.

As for my answers,
1: Yes! My brother just got a .22 and has been pestering me to get one, too. As soon as I can legally carry one, I plan to.

2: I completely agree with that law. Strange misinformation about it has been floating around, but the law basically says that if you're on your property, and you feel your life is in danger, you have a legal right to shoot without trying to "nuetralize" the situation or retreat as before required, which I find completely sensible.

3: I am completely against gun control and I think the facts back me up. Crime decreases, not increases, where guns are owned. I have a right to protect myself with a gun if I want to. If you criminalize guns... only Criminals will have 'em. If a criminal's already planning to break about 20 laws, I don't think a couple more will stop it.

4: I think military recruiters have a right to be wherever they want as long as they're not breaking any laws or behaving inappropriately.

5: I absolutely, completely, totally agree with the use of coercive interrogation techniques.
Did you know that interrogators at Gitmo aren't even allowed to yell at the detainees except in "extreme circumstances"? It enrages me when people like Dick Durbin compare the atrocities of Nazis with a situation like using extreme temparatures or sleep deprivation.

I think the Abu Graib story was way overblown. Sure, when things like that are going on like that, outrage is necessary to stop it and keep it from going farther. But more than 50 front-page stories in the NY Times? I'd call that overblown.

Another Update:
I just wanted to thank all of you for participating. This is a record as far as comments on my blog!
I do wish I could've gotten more liberals to comment -- I enjoy political debate... Ah, well. Thanks anyway!
Feel free to continue commenting, though this might be hidden in awhile as I'm starting up regular posting again.

Yet another update:
Finally some liberals show up! Good debate, keep it goin'. Thanks everyone for keeping your comments clean and polite. If I get many more, I'll put this up at the top of the page.