Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More of something that doesn't exist...

More terrorism. This time in Jordan.
AMMAN, Jordan — Three explosions hit hotels in Jordan's capital Wednesday night, killing at least 67 people and wounding more than 300 others in a coordinated terrorist attack, Jordanian officials said.
Deputy Prime Minister Marwan Muasher confirmed that the downtown Amman attacks were carried out by at least three individuals: a homicide bomber who walked into a wedding at the Radisson SAS, another homicide bomber who walked into the lobby of the Grand Hyatt and a homicide car bomber who tried to drive into the Days Inn.

[End quote]

Propaganda! Bush lied! He made it all up - there. is. no. terrorist. threat!

Suuure. I believe it.

Actually, I'm beginning to suspect this is all one planned strike.

London, Bali, Paris, Australia, Jordan... All either highly populated with westerners or allies with the United States.

It's not too unfeasable.