Sunday, September 11, 2005

Here we go again...

In case you missed it, the plan for the Flight 93 memorial came out a few days ago. Take a close look. If you think it looks strangely like the Red Crescent of Islam, you're not alone. Outrage is growing over this latest pc scandal. Bloggers are all over it.
Zombie has this page showing different pictures and perspectives.
Real Clear Politics has different Islamic flags for comparison.
Michelle Malkin has a great roundup.

If you, like me, feel the design is inappropriate and at least in very poor taste, you can e-mail the architect, Paul Murdoch, at:
and/or the National Park Service (which will make the final decision on the design) here.

Make your voice heard. Post on your blog, send a letter to the editor or call talk shows. We can't afford to let this go as far as the IFC.