Saturday, November 19, 2005

Time to start listening

Chavez accuses Bush of plotting against him.
Fox News:
CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez accuses Washington of plotting to overthrow him, calls President Bush a "murderer" and is expelling some American missionaries who he insists have links to the CIA... "The people of the United States are governed by a murderer ... a crazy man!" Chavez said in a speech Thursday night.
Chavez has sought to make his case citing U.S. documents, online reports and statements from Washington. "Military plans to attack Venezuela are in full preparation," he told thousands of demonstrators recently at an international summit in Argentina, warning that a U.S. attack would trigger a "100-year war."... He says Venezuela must be prepared to defend itself and has called for volunteers to join the army reserve while ordering 100,000 Russian-made Kalashnikov rifles.

Here's my opinion on this recent Pat Robertson controversy. No, it wasn't right for a national figure(a religious one, at that) to call for an assassination. Anyone should know that.
But with all this hoopla, something seemingly overlooked by everyone was this: do you really think Hugo Chavez deserves to be taken seriously?
Well, actually he does. Very seriously.
This guy is a laughingstock now, but seems to be setting himself up to be another Fidel Castro. Something must be done, and the sooner we start paying attention, the less chance that there will be another brutal dictatorship like Castro's.