Saturday, November 19, 2005

And THAT is why

I couldn't care less what happens to terrorists at Gitmo.

Read here.
via Jakarta Post:
A cosmetics salesgirl was attacked and murdered on Friday morning by three machete-wielding men in Palu, Central Sulawesi, in yet another grisly terror attack on young females in the tense province.
Twenty-year-old Supriyanti -- Yanti to those close to her -- was attacked by three men riding a motorcycle. She was also on a motorcycle with two friends.
Yanti's friend Anca, 23, who was driving, managed to avoid injury, while Yanti and her friend Evi, 20, received full blows from the machetes.
Yanti suffered a fatal laceration to her neck, while Evi's arm was nearly hacked off by the attackers.
After the men sped away, Anca took his seriously injured friends to Wirabuana hospital, but they were not admitted as hospital personnel barred them from entering on the grounds that "the wounds were too serious".
He later managed to get both Evi and Yanti to Undata Hospital, but Yanti died on the way due to blood loss...

Yet with these horrible acts of violence by the enemy(and yes, they are the enemy!) some have the gall to be "outraged" by our troops calling someone a homosexual, or subjecting them to extreme temeratures, or even (allegedly) burning someone who's already dead!

It's absolutely despicable.