Saturday, February 04, 2006

Why am I cynical about Islam?

Because there's too much of this going around to convince me otherwise.
From Fox News:
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Rage against caricatures of Islam's
revered prophet poured out across the Muslim world Saturday, with aggrieved
believers calling for executions, storming European buildings and setting
European flags afire.
Hundreds of Syrian demonstrators have stormed the
Danish Embassy in Damascus, and they've set fire to the building.
building that's been set on fire in the Syrian capital also houses the embassies
of Chile and Sweden.
Protesters have been staging sit-ins outside the embassy
almost daily since the uproar over the drawings broke out last week...
"We will redeem our prophet, Muhammad, with our blood!" they chanted.

Sure. Islam is such a peacful religion. How lovely.
You know, considering how intolerant we 'shotgun raisin', 'Bible-thumping' Christians are,
I don't recall anything like this happening over "The Book Of Daniel."

On another note... feeling hopeful about Hamas? Well, quit.

...the leader of the Islamic militant group Hamas, which recently swept
parliamentary elections there, told Italian daily Il Giornale on Saturday that
the cartoons should be punished by death.
"We should have killed all those
who offend the Prophet and instead here we are, protesting peacefully," said a
top group leader, Mahmoud Zahar.

Oh, and one more thing:
where are the Liberals? The same ones who cry "free speech" every time someone publishes a sensitive CIA report. Where are they now?