Sunday, January 29, 2006

Now we can see why the Liberals are acting like she disappeared without a trace...

From Fox News.
Emphasis mine.
CARACAS, Venezuela — Cindy Sheehan, the peace activist
who just announced that she is weighing a run for Senate, plans to
protest again outside President Bush's Texas ranch, Venezuela's president
said Sunday with Sheehan by his side.

Hugo Chavez, his arm around
Sheehan's shoulders, told a group of activists that Sheehan had told him that
during Holy Week, in April, "she is going to put up her tent again in front of
Mr. Danger's ranch."
"She invited me to put up a tent. Maybe I'll put up my
tent also," Chavez said, to applause from activists invited to his weekly
broadcast on the final day of the leftist World Social Forum.

Go ahead, Mr. Chavez. I'm sure Code Pink and Veterans For Peace will welcome you.
Now we can see why our former media darling has disappeared without a trace. It's just too hard to admit you were wrong - better to act like she was never there at all...