Thursday, February 02, 2006

Am I real?

I was browsing technorati and ran across this. I guess I am doing all right, because here is what was said about me, Mary Ann, Edward and Jonathan:
(Emphasis mine)
Joke or real?
I'm not sure if I find it scary, or annoying, or some combination of both.

It's apparently (and I italicize that word for a reason) a group of four siblings with their own blogs.
Two of these siblings are twin girls, fifteen-year-olds:
Eye of the Storm and In the Pines and their two younger brothers, :
The Gun Dude
The Lone Ranger.
Eye of the Storm is nothing but politics, but it's foaming-at-the-mouth anti-democrat politics, and a bit of racism. Are we to believe that a 15 year old girl with a pink blog would blog about Alito, liberals, and Canadian elections, and toss off a phrase like "maddening vociferous rhetoric?" The other twin's blog doesn't seem so bad til you start reading comments and see that not only is it anti-democrat and anti-liberal, it's also more than a little racist, and anti-Muslim (which someone should explain to her is NOT the same as being anti-terrorist.)
The Gun Dude is just a bit scary, since the gun dude himself is a 13 year old who describes himself as a conservative and plans to blog about gun rights. Okay, I just realized that that is equally scary AND funny. Still though, his supposed take on torture is rather interesting. To say the least. The Lone Ranger seems harmless enough, if you can believe that a seven year old boy would choose to blog about media bias against Bush. Right. I dunno. I could maybe believe that one kid in a family could be this odd, but four in one family just screams "brainwashing" to me. And at least one blog does mention that they are home-schooled, so there you go.

I'll let my siblings defend themselves here, but about Jonathan... First of all, yes, we are real. I know it seems a little unlikely, but with all of our haranguing about politics, some of it was bound to rub off him. Jonathan also likes to watch "On The Record" and "The O'Reilly Factor" with us, so I guess that's why he knows who William Rehnquist was and can name the Bush cabinet. Though you notice he only had one post about politics. Right now, for him, video games are waaay more important. And that's fine.

Now, for me. Did you expect my blog to go, oh, something like this?

OMG i just love clay aiken Did you see Paula on American idol last night. She was so HOT!! Speaking of HOT i just am OBSESSED here with USHER man that dude is FINE. i also like, you know - totally loving josh hartnett i just cant decide. i got a TATTOO with him on it!

Yes, I have seen blogs like that. I am not like that. Maybe homeschooling has something to do with it... By the way, I learned the word "vociferous" from O'Reilly, in case you're wondering.
For what it's worth, I've never actually taken English, per se. But I did learn to read when I was 5 and I would read Guideposts when I was 8. Maybe that accounts for the phrases I "toss off".

Racism? I wonder why. Because I'm a proud Southerner? Because I refute the idea that the South was, is and always will be the bastion of all evil? Because I am cynical about Islam when I see no Muslims stepping up to condemn terror?

Hmm... Some fast facts to prove I'm not a ghost:
I actually do like American Idol, but my LIFE does not revolve around it.
I know what MTV is, but Abu Ghraib seems much more preferable to actually watching it.
I really like clothes and shopping, but I don't really think y'all want to know about it... and I don't like looking like a streetwalker. Does that make me a ghost?
I listen to country music and am slightly obsessed with it you could say... but, like before, there are things more important than it.
I'm not lesbian, but I also don't think you want to know about who I think is "hot".

Okay... can't think of anything else normal, so that's all.
This is probably my most jumbled post ever. Sorry... just trying to be "normal."

I know I probably shouldn't even link this wierdo, but I am gleefully doing it so you Conservative people can tell him what you think of the paranoia. Oops - fancy word. Sorry.

p.s. With the state of Public "Education", I wonder - does this person even know how politics work? It doesn't take a genuis to know that to be a Republican, you're just naturally anti-Democrat. Duh.