Thursday, February 09, 2006

War on terror? No, of course not...

WASHINGTON — Al Qaeda planned to hijack a commercial airplane with shoe bombs
and fly it into Library Tower in Los Angeles, President Bush said Thursday,
describing just one of many foiled terror attacks on the United States since
Sept. 11, 2001.
The plan, similar to the successful hijacking and flying of
planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon that killed more than 3,000
people over four years ago, was stopped with the help of coalition partners who
arrested key operatives, Bush said.
"We now know that in October 2001,
Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the September the 11th attacks, had
already set in motion a plan to have terrorist operatives hijack an airplane
using shoe bombs to breach the cockpit door and fly the plane into the tallest
building on the West Coast," Bush said

Really? You mean 9-11 wasn't just a freak event manipulated for political gains? There actually is a war on terror? It can't be!

Will this get 58 front-page NYT articles? Will this get gloating phrases like, "Belying the claims of top Democrats..."? Will this get half the attention the Tom DeLay indictment got?

No, and if I had to guess, I'd say it will be reported something like,

"In a startling revelation, Mr. Bush admitted he barely stopped another tragic terror attack. Mayors and city leader are outraged at not being informed. Why didn't the President stop it sooner? We'll take a closer look..."

Am I right?