Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's amazing what you find out about yourself from people who don't even know you...

I just found out that I'm an 'insane extremist'. Incredible what you can find perusing others' blogs. Recently, "Allison" commented on my site, and actually seemed pretty logical; I even took up for her. Well, I just decided to go visit her site.
And here is what she had to say about me:
(Red text is mine.)

It wasn't until I saw the blog of a 15 yr old right-wing radical from the "deep south" who stops just short of bragging about being racist and ethnocentric[Where? Please tell me WHERE!] , that I figured my own thoughts couldn't be any more insane than hers...

Oh, joy. I've inspired a liberal blog. Her next post also said, I was really stupid and went back and started to read more of what the 15 yr old had to say. Her blog is called The Eye of the Storm... She's bright; I'll give her that. She seems to be a very intelligent, articulate young lady who stands firm in her opinions. [Um, thanks.] It's too bad her opinions are so misguided. [There she goes again. "Misguided" must mean "disagrees with me".] She is a Christian and definitely anti-Muslim. [When I see Muslims burning buildings and rampaging with machetes over cartoons, when I see Muslims beheading journalists and stoning rape victims, yeah, I don't have many cozy feelings for them.] And yeah, she admits to being racist. [Someone please tell me WHERE! I am really beginning to think I have an evil twin. Oh, wait...] She's got a little hostility, it seems, towards Democrats and liberals [Um, it's called "politics". FYI, her blog isn't exactly lovey towards Republicans or Bush, as you can guess.] (though I have to assume she's just as hostile with anyone else who doesn't see things her way...
Furthermore, why does this kid think it's OK to slam a bunch of other people, sometimes being downright nasty, rude and arrogant, and condemn ....oh...well....lets see, liberals, Dems, gays, Muslims or any of the other scapegoats for the Republican party AND then talk about how she's been reading Guideposts since she was 7?(She then quotes "Green Day")

I really have nothing to add to this. Apparently, liberals all have the disorder where they believe you automatically must hate the other party. I have gotten so much of this from liberals who think Republican = hates Democrats = hypocritical Christian.
Let me make this perfectly clear. These are the politicians I really could honestly say I have problems with personally:

a) John Kerry. He betrayed our troops after spending all of four months over there and recommending himself for medals. His lies were used against POWs still serving the war he abandoned - POWs who probably don't go around waving their medals in others' faces.
b) Ted Kennedy. Plain and simple, he killed someone. A young, pretty girl he was driving, drunk, to the beach at midnight, never mind his pregnant wife. Womanizer, drunkard and killer. And all of that is considered a "cheap shot" to talk about.
c) Robert Byrd. I can't think of anything politically outstanding he's done, but any former KKK member who voted against the '65 Voting Rights Act isn't high on my list of liking.
d) Hillary. She's a political machine who would do anything to get in office. And all I can think of is Vince Foster, Whitewater, "We are the President", etc.

The others I disagree with politically, sure, but I don't hate.(I can't even say I hate those listed above.) They may do stupid things that I point out, but I don't hate them. Unlike Democrats, I don't hope for the death of the older Democrats, or joke about asassinating Clinton.

Oh, and for the ultimate irony, a few posts later? Allison posts about how terrible the UAE Ports deal is: just because they're Arab!

So... I don't really have a point with this. Like I said, it's amazing what you can find about yourself from others. Now I'll go to technorati...