Saturday, February 18, 2006

Oh, go cry me a handful of tears.

As you read, take a look at the picture on the left. It's the little girl who the man on the right abducted. Raped. Strangled.
She was 11. Walking home. She never made it because she was dragged away by a monster.

So, Joseph Smith, I have no sympathy for your little courtroom cry. I have NO respect for your not-so-surprising change of heart.
And the drugs? Drugs may numb your mind, but they don't change you into a methodical monster. The abduction was step by step. Calm.
On that tape you didn't seem out of your right mind when you calmly took her arm and led her away to die. You KNEW what you were doing, and you are the type of person the death penalty was made for. So cry for the cameras and file appeals. Soak up the attention of the loudmouthed, self-righteous opponents of your death. All in all you'll probably have more time on death row than Carlie had to live. And if you're upset over eventually facing a just, painless, humane, long-delayed, death, hear this:
Go cry me a handful of tears.