Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"White House, Europeans Warn Iran After Nuclear Equipment Unsealed"

Via Fox News.
In the presence of International
Atomic Energy Agency
inspectors, Iran on Tuesday unsealed uranium enrichment
equipment that the U.N. agency had blocked from use because the Islamic republic
was in violation of nuclear non-proliferation rules.
The return to its
nuclear program at the plant in Natanz angered U.S. and European officials who
say Iran is resuming nuclear research that they believe is part of an effort to
build nuclear weapons.
Iran's move is a "serious escalation" of its nuclear
standoff with the West, and if it continues to defy world opinion, the U.N.
Security Council will have no choice but to impose sanctions, said White House
Press Secretary Scott McClellan.
"Any resumption, any resumption of
enrichment and reprocessing activities would be a further violation" of previous
agreements made by Iran, McClellan said. "Such steps would be a serious
escalation of the nuclear issue by the regime in Iran.
"If it continues down
this road and the negotiations have run their course, then there is only one
option to pursue. And that is referral to the Security Council. And that is what
we will be talking with our — are talking about with our — European friends and
others," McClellan said.
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I think I've already stated my opinion on Iran. This is a very dangerous situation for the U.S. developing over there, and one way of the other, something has to be done. And soon.