Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Just some silliness...

Well, "Sweety", Gayle's dog has inspired Reagan(my dog) to make some - late - New Years Resolutions.

Reagan says...

1: I will stop barking at nothing in the middle of the night. My people get mad when I snarl and bark at their shirt hanging on the door, or at my nightmare.

2: (I'll believe it when I see it...) I will stop dropping my slobbery, shredded toys in Rebekah's lap and then staring at her - like in my picture there - with my slobbery mouth on her leg.

3: I'll stop shoving my wet nose into Rebekah's hand when I want what she's eating.

4: I'll stop jumping up on Rebekah's bed when gets up in the night. It hurts my feelings when she shoves me off her pillow, and sometimes I fight back. Then she gets mad!

5: (I don't know about this...)I will get over my crazy fear of baths that makes me run and hide, trembling, on the nearest chair or bed and then force Rebekah to carry me because I keep falling on my back when she pulls at my collar.

6: I will try very hard to stop hunting sunlight, flashlight beams, and bugs for hours on end. It makes my people mad when I try to climb the piano. I'll also stop believing that mean ol' Rebekah when she tells me a raisin on someone's leg is A BUG!! I eat it so fast I sometimes inhale it, which hurts!

Happy New years, everyone, and I hope you're doing better with your resolutions than Reagan is!