Monday, January 09, 2006

What did I tell you...

Well, the "questioning" of Judge Alito has begun. Democrats have promised "tough questions", and Republicans want "fairness". Ha.
Republicans are talking their heads off about Judge Alito's sterling perfection on the bench, his genuis and humility, his unbelievable understanding of law, respect for precedent, and his divine omnipetence.
Republicans, of course, are second only to Democrats, who also talk their heads off while implying Judge Alito is secretly a member of the KKK, has a harem of enslaved wives, is Hitler's evil spawn, and wants wiretapping of Democrats' homes.
But, if for no other reason, at least tune in because Alito has not mastered the look of "smiley genuis being jabbered at by dense blowhards" that John Roberts did.
Instead it's more like "irritated genuis being jabbered at by dense blowhards".
Remind me again - what is the purpose of all this?