Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hamas wins in "landslide"

A shocking victory for Hamas in the first Palestinian parliamentary elections in a decade seemed to catch winners and losers off guard, and major decisions lay ahead for both Hamas and the rival Fatah Party.
Official election results came in Thursday, with Hamas picking up 76 seats in the 132-seat parliament and Fatah winning just 43.

How nice. I'd love to see how they "get out the vote". What did they have, "bomb-a-thons"?

With Ahmadinejad and now this, Israel needs our support more than ever.
We can't let one of the only free states over there be "wiped off the map".

(On a side note, Adventists, unlike most Evangelical Christians, do not have religious beliefs advocating the modern Israeli state. My support is purely from a "freedom against repression" viewpoint. Prove to me that Israel is wrong against Palestine.)