Saturday, January 14, 2006

Dems May Delay Next Week's Alito Vote

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(Emphasis mine - guess why)
After a five-day hearing on whether Samuel Alito should be the
110th justice on the Supreme Court, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen
Specter said he will vote in favor of sending the nomination to the Senate
"I intend to vote to support Judge Alito for associate justice of the
Supreme Court..."

Despite Specter stressing the importance of giving Alito
an up-or-down vote and making sure the nomination is sent to the full Senate for
consideration, Democrats may try to delay the committee
"A number of our members are going to be home
Martin Luther King events this weekend, will not
be back on time on Tuesday and so they will exercise their
" to delay the vote, said the committee's ranking Democrat, Sen.
Patrick Leahy of Vermont.

Let's see - playin' the race card and making up "rights", all at the same time... Sounds pretty typical.