Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Ann Coulter brings up an excellent point in her latest column. I really can't cover it all with a single quote, but here:

Monday's Times carried a major expose on child molesters who use the
In order to report the story, the Times said it obtained:
— copies of online conversations and e-mail messages between minors and the
creepy adults;
— records of payments to the minors;
— membership lists for Webcam sites;....

...And the list goes on.

Hey - wait a minute!!! The NY Times violated Sex Offenders' Civil Liberties!!! How dare they do this!! How dare they profile against sex offenders this way!! Haven't they heard of the "right to privacy"?!? They think all sex offenders are bad!! HOW DARE THEY!!!!
Call the ACLU, call Ted Kennedy, call CNN - this is really unbelievable!