Thursday, December 22, 2005

Debate of the week: Patriot Act

I really don't expect many people to want to debate, what, 3 days from Christmas, but I really don't have anything to post, so here it is.

In case you missed it, the Senate renewed the Patriot Act and I want your opinions on it.
Do you think it's right or wrong? Protecting Americans or putting them in danger?
Is it legal? Is it illegal?
(If you're against it) Is there any situation or variation where you would support it?
(If you're for it) do you think it should be changed in any way?

I'm not sure about this(can you believe it?)
I think what it comes down to is whether or not you trust your leaders.
It's not a surprise that Liberals, who are more normally inclined to distrust government agencies like the FBI, CIA etc. and of course, President Bush, are the main opposition,
and that Conservatives, who have faith to let our government do their job, and trust the President and others to use methods that (did you know?) have never been misused yet,
are backing it.

My main support really comes out when I hear Liberals using great hyperboles to paint our government as tantamount to the Soviet Union, Naziism and Communist China all in one for using the Patriot Act's methods.
I do believe these methods have kept us safe, and when I hear people whine about how "our founding fathers would have never been for this", I can't help but think that
Yes... but our founding father's battles consisted of lining up in fields and shooting at each other, and infiltrators were usually hanged.

But... then again, I'm not so sure I'd support this if say, Clinton were in power. Some of these methods do seem rather extreme. And just because they haven't been misused yet doesn't mean they won't ever be.

But, I must say, with our lovely media and politicians, the slightest indiscretion would most likely be picked up instantly and talked about constantly for months, leading to several indictments and a huge scandal. So as long as we have free press, I really don't fear FBI agents in the middle of the night.

Now that I'm done bloviating... what do you think? Any debate comments will be welcomed, though you're expected to abide by the rules at all times.