Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Just A Random Post...

Well, I guess y'all can see I'm not really in the mood for political blogging lately. Hey, it's Christmas after all!
I'll try to be back to blogging regularly by Jan. 1.

I hope you guys had a great Christmas....
I got my first "gun" this year from my Aunt(she knows me pretty well :) To tell the truth, It's not much of a serious gun - just an Air-Soft. It's fun to fight with, though, which is what I'm about to do!...

Just for fun, I'll do something I saw Gayle do....

"A Christmas Poem - Revised" By, me. :)

Twas the night before Holiday and all through the nation
we looked on with amusement, curious trepidation
For what was a brewin' was fearful to see
A brawl against Target, led by ol' Mr. B
For free speech departed at the Big Red's
And other stores also had lost their heads
"Merry Christmas? Bah! It's "Holidays" now
say anything else and we'll have a cow"
Gifts of cars, toys, shoes and new clothes,
all tied with bright shiny "Holiday" bows.
The Liberals did scream,
"Now, this ain't right! you don't even know for what you fight!
It's a lie, it's a hoax, this so-called war"
Now, where could I have heard that before?
And I heard them yell, as they retreated that night
"Happy Holidays all! And a Kwanzaa bright!"