Monday, October 31, 2005


That's the only thing that came to mind after hearing this from ABC News. A few minutes ago their final report of the evening was(I promise I'm not making this up!)
"Controversy in New Orleans. The racial tensions pitting some minorities against one another".

The mayor's remark pretty much sums it up,
"How do I make sure that my city is not overrun by Mexican workers?", he said.

They also interviewed a contractor who promised to 'do his part' by only hiring blacks.

Right now I'm racking my brain trying to imagine if my town's (white) Sheriff or County Administrator had said the same thing.

After last year's storm, when our town's Hispanic population increased hugely, all I can remember is open-arms welcomes, 'Latino festivals' and translators at our local news station when the next storm was coming.
Not to mention my Governor casually giving a local briefing in perfect Spanish.

This latest racist drivel from Nagin just might trigger huge outrage since Hispanic workers are, after all, minorities too. I sure as heck hope so.