Friday, September 23, 2005

Flight Plan

Have you seen Flight Plan? No, I haven't because I've seen trailers and to tell the truth, I'm not a fan of creepy movies. But now I'm beginning to think I didn't make such a bad choice.
So here's the deal: new widow Kyle(Jodi Foster)'s little girl goes missing(or does she...) on a transatlantic flight. Except no one on the plane remembers her little girl and there's no record of her. Is she going crazy? She suspects creepy Muslims onboard are involved. Are they?
Did Hollywood finally decide to add a dose of reality to it's dream world? Ha.
No, instead it's air marshals and flight attendants! The flight attendant is involved in the murder of Kyle's (Jodie Foster's) husband; kidnaps her daughter, tries to murder Kyle; laces the plane with explosives; steals Kyle's daughter's boarding pass, and commits fraud with the passenger manifest.
That's just the 'evil villian' attendant. The others are portrayed as hateful, arrogant, uncaring and lazy. This is not to mention the horrible way the air marshals are portrayed.
What a gross insult to both groups. How can Hollywood dare portray these people(who behaved heroically and whose throats were slit by real terrorists on 9-11) as terrorists themselves? Not to mention the part about creepy-suspicious-Achmed conspicuously not involved.
Do as Debbie Schlussel urges: Boycott Flight Plan.