Friday, September 16, 2005

Redefining Judicial Activism

Ann Coulter has a great(not to mention hilarious) column about the left's redefining 'judicial activism'.

"Judicial activism means making up constitutional rights in order to strike down laws the justices don't like based on their personal preferences. It's not judicial activism to strike down laws because they violate the Constitution...

"... The New York Times prissily informed its readers: 'There is a misconception that so-called activist judges who 'legislate from the bench' are invariably liberal. In fact, conservative judges can be even more eager to overrule decisions made by elected officials.'

"The Times' definition isn't even coherent. If it were "judicial activism" to strike down laws — any laws, ever — there would be no point to having a Supreme Court. We could just have some idiot functionary, like Joe Wilson, rubber-stamping whatever the other parts of government do."

Good point.