Thursday, September 28, 2006

This is hilarious

Clinton's Meltdown

What's your opinion of this? I won't try to debate all his points, because that would take too long and besides I just don't want to. I could see any of that any day on any leftwing website.

I must admit, it is funny to hear a former president tossing phrases like "neo-con" and "right-wing hit job."

I don't think the outburst was "real" - because face it, nothing Clinton does is real. I think it was coolly calculated, but just a little stupid.
What was supposed to make him come across as righteously indignant really made him seem like a pompous jerk.

"You got that little smirk on your face, you think you're so clever." - Bill Clinton

Actually, Mr. Clinton, I think that applies to you.