Sunday, May 07, 2006

TMWTS Victim of the week

Well, this is my first try at a weekly "feature", and
our very first TMWTS(Take Myself Way Too Seriously) sufferer has been chosen!

Yes, our favorite finger-waving, press conference holding Congressman Pelosi is it!

Pelosi wants ethics panel to probe Rep. Jefferson (A Democrat.)

Really, does this lady ever do anything but run around pointing fingers?
If she does, she's surely quiet about it.
And even when playing police on her side - for literally the first time I can remember - she can't help blaming the Republicans and spouting stupid conspiracy "Republicans are all tied together" theories.

Her 'I Must Stand For Justice, Tonto' schtick is getting old, not to mention boring and hypocritical.

Get over it, Nancy.