Monday, May 01, 2006

My favorite Idol, another meme and why you should never go camping when it hasn't rained in 4 months.

Well, I figured now would be a good time for just a random post.
Your estimate of my intelligence is probably shrinking as you read this, but I thought I'd add this.

Soul Patrol! My favorite American Idol is Taylor Hicks. He seems to be one of the most genuine, he's a great performer and singer, a genuine Southerner, and besides, he gives all those who can't dance without looking "like a drunk Dad at a wedding" hope!
(And if you feel like wasting time, play the Taylor dancing game. LOL.)

Now. Time for the meme.
Awhile back, Stevin tagged me and I didn't even see it. So I'll just do it now...

"Simple Pleasures"

1: Watching American Idol (Hey, that counts, doesn't it?)

2: Listening to my favorite country music.

3: Cooking. (Seriously! But only when my brothers aren't harrassing me about when it'll be done!)

4: Reading a good book.

5: Swimming. (Unless it's done in April, like we did this year. Then it goes into the numbingly painful category...)

6: Blogging.

7: Singing. (Though the "pleasurable" part is most certainly limited to me and the hard-of-hearing...)

8: Church potluck.

9: Playing with my dog.

10: Eating. Did I mention eating? Good southern food...

And, last but not least, a short story that I hope I don't bore the heck out of you guys with. Yes, it's true, every word. Ever heard the phrase "be careful what you wish for?" Uh huh.

Well, anyway, my church youth group and I went on a nice weekend camping trip up in the woods. (Did I mention woods? Like, hundreds of TALL, STRAIGHT trees above you.)
To jump back a bit, our area has been very, very dry for a long time. No storms all summer and very little rain, if any.

So, anyhow, all our tents were set up in a nice little circle under the TREES that first day when we noticed it was getting cloudy. And windy. And some quiet thunder off in the distance.
Now fast-forward. It was nine o' clock or so and all the girls were squished in one tent doing those productive, mature things girls do when they all get together, and the tent started - how do I describe it? - FLOODING. Yeah, that's good. Airbeds became air rafts, etc.

We had hauled most of our stuff into the the vans, eaten some soggy grilled-cheese sandwiches, awakened our camping neighbors and gotten soaked when the storm passed on over. Considering the other tents were pretty much floating downstream by now, all the girls squished into the one dry girls' tent and tried to sleep.

And THAT'S when the electrical storm came over us. The thunder right over our heads was quite deafening, but I'm pretty sure my tentmates' screaming drowned it out.
When the lighting started shaking hands with the lake we had a sudden enlightenment and decided that nylon tents probably wouldn't help much. The vans were sounding better all the time, especially when the weather radio informed us that a tornado had formed and was moving over our area.

For the record, it's no fun dodging lighting in bare feet and pajamas while running through 3 inches of water.
It's less fun sleeping six to a van and realizing at 3 a.m. that your indoor lights won't go off and yes, that bath house is REALLY far away.

However, we all survived the night, and dried out just fine in the morning. In fact, the weather was so nice, I got a beee-utiful sunburn all over my face and arms.
Oh, well. No one's fault, and still a pretty nice camping trip all in all.
But - a word of warning. If you're ever in a tent that's flooding in the middle of the night... just go to the car.