Sunday, April 02, 2006

What's up with Bush? Part one: The positive

There has been somewhat of a fued between come of my Conservative blogging friends over Bush support, Republican/ Conservative loyalty, etc., and I still find myself split on this one.
So, I'll do two posts. My next one will focus on the negative.

But now, in defense of George Bush: my reasons why I still support him (most of the time!)

How could I not mention this? September 11, 2001 - the worst terrorist attack in the history of our nation.
I think I wasn't the only one to be incredibly grateful and relieved that Al Gore was not occupying the office of Commander in Chief.
George Bush - I believe - did an excellent job of handling the crisis and the aftermath -
for once he did not look like a nervous guy reading from a script.
He made short work of dispensing the Taliban. Other nations, I believe, started to take notice.

Then Iraq. Although I could criticize how it was handled, I must save it for the next post. Notwithstanding mistakes, I believe Saddam Hussein had to be taken care of. I just can't believe that someone as crazy as Saddam would hesitate to use against us what he had already used against his own people. Yes, it could have been North Korea, or Iran. Their dictators are horrible despots also. But I cannot think of any of them who have liquidated mass sections of their populations with WMDs.
I believe Saddam Hussein did have weapons, and that he would have used them against us, and that he was connected with Al Quaida, one way or another.

Perhaps the only admirable thing to be said about his fiscal policies: Tax cuts. Bush has cut some of the monstrous taxes put on us by Clinton, which must be admired.

The SCOTUS. Obviously, mistakes have been made, and I really would have liked to see Janice Rogers Brown nominated. But, he didn't double-cross us and nominate a Souter, so for that he deserves an A+.

Pro-life issues: While not perfect, he has done a good job of standing up for life. He's unabashedly against stem-cell research, and has rolled back some of the Clinton funding.

The other 2 major positive things in the world that I can think of -
Victor Yuschenko, and Lebanon - while he may not have been directly involved, could he have played a part?

Well, that's my list. Comments are open for debate, as long as you are civil and keep it clean.
If you don't like Bush (and I know some of you don't) please comment and feel free to debate.
If you think I missed something positive, let me know.

My "negative side" post is coming soon.