Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ooh! We're winning. Let's just give up now!

I haven't blogged much about Harriet Miers, but I feel I just have to now.
Frankly, this is getting embarrassing.

First, she was pushed on the single fact that she is pro-life. That is insulting and steriotypical to Conservatives. Sure, I'd like nothing more than to see Roe v. Wade overturned. But I am pro-life. Does that make me qualified for the court?

Then the "sexist" argument comes out. Is this the twilight zone? Democrats do things like this, not Republicans. No, it's not sexist to oppose her. It's sexist to say she's the most qualified female in the United States.
"Wow! A woman actually graduated college! With a law degree!! That is so unbelievable!"

There are thousands of brilliant, pro-life female Lawyers and judges out there; why must Bush have appointed Miers? She's a very smart woman - smarter than me, I'm sure. But only a select few are qualified to be on the Supreme Court, and I think she's successfully shown she's not in that few.

After the elections, it looked pretty good for the Republicans. We had a majority in both houses, Howard Dean was in charge of the Democrats, and a successful midterm seemed possible.

So, the Republicans started doing what Republicans seem to always do, which is, trying to 'reach out' to Democrats who had been calling them Nazis all year.
Note to the RNC - it ain't working.
Democrats are more than happy to sit and chortle while our party rips itself apart.

President Bush: Whatever happened to that capital you were plannin' to spend?