Monday, October 03, 2005

Harriet Miers Appointed

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One thing worries me:
Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid issued a statement saying he likes Miers and adding "the Supreme Court would benefit from the addition of a justice who has real experience as a practicing lawyer." Reid had personally recommended that Bush consider Miers for nomination, according to several sources familiar with the president's consultations with senators.

While we can always hope, I'm not too excited about her. If she was a true Conservative, Ted Kennedy would already be calling her a fascist, Nancy Pelosi would have held a press conference calling on the President to show more diplomacy and Ronnie Earle would be pushing a physical assault charge.

Yes, it's better than a Kerry-appointed Ruth Bader-Ginsberg type, but it's not great. Now it looks like instead of having Rehnquist and O'Conner, we just might get two O'Conners.