Thursday, September 15, 2005

"Save our wetlands - to heck with our cities!"

That's how some environmentalists seem to feel. I was shocked when I saw this story:
Floodgate May Have Thwarted Storm Tragedy
"Hours after Hurricane Katrina passed, Orleans was underwater. Some experts say the flooding could have been stopped a quarter-century ago — had environmentalists not interfered...

In 1965, after Hurricane Betsy, President Lyndon Johnson authorized the Army Corps of Engineers to build two floodgates at the mouth of Lake Pontchartrain... The Army spent millions planning the project — until it was stopped by an environmental group called Save Our Wetlands, which filed a lawsuit arguing that the floodgates would damage sensitive marine life.

“If there was some sort of storm structure there, like floodgates, it would have reduced significantly the amount of storm surge into Lake Pontchartrain,” said Prof. Greg Stone of the Louisiana State University Coastal Studies Institute.

Now, naturally, this hasn't been jumped on by the MSM. But it should've been.