Saturday, July 01, 2006

Aren't we missing something here?

With all this gleeful media outrage over alleged Iraq murders, I just wonder sometimes. Aren't we majorly missing the point here?
Yes, IF THIS HAPPENED, it's terrible, disgusting, inexcusable and deserves to be punished. But there's another side you'll never hear from the media.

First and foremost, these are allegations. Yes, if you can believe it, in the American system, someone is innocent until proven guilty. Remember Illario Pantano and that media frenzy? Yeah, well, in case you didn't hear, he was cleared of all charges, and these soldiers may well be, too. So keep that in mind, please.

Second, please tell me again, who's prosecuting these alleged crimes? Yeah, that's right, our eeevil military. If these guys truly are guilty, as the media is assuming(or maybe hoping, it would seem), then they will face justice.

Last of all, there are hundreds of thousands of troops in Iraq right now. These allegations are against an incredibly small number of troops.
Maybe it's because of how notoriously honorable American troops are normally, but nevertheless, it's maddening and hypocritical that good work every day by our troops goes unnoticed, but when a tiny minority gets accused of something, media frenzy happens.

Like I said, if this happened, I don't think ANYONE in their right mind isn't revolted by it. But it's also revolting that no one is willing to give those who fight for our freedom a chance or even the benefit of the doubt.