Thursday, June 01, 2006

Some questions

Well, we all know the midterm elections are heating up, so I wanted y'all's opinion.

What's most likely to sway your vote in the midterms? Immigration? Gay-rights issues? Taxes?

Will anything actually be serious enough that you will vote for the opposite party?

Will you vote? If so, for what party?


What best describes your opinion of the President and his performance? Great? Terrible? Don't really care?

Now for my answers:
Well, obviously I won't be voting till '08! But what will be most likely to affect my support is immigration and how it's handled, the other biggest issue, being, of course, the war on terror.

But no, none of that will make me not vote - when I can.

Unless a powerful, more Conservative third-party magically rises, of if Zell Miller runs against another Democrat, I will always vote Republican.

Finally, I guess my feeling on Bush is bored, most of the time, frankly. His first term was very impressive, but now, he hasn't seemed to have done much of anything lately. I don't dislike him, but let's just say he probably wouldn't get my vote in a primary!

Now - let me know what you think!