Sunday, December 04, 2005

From the "Eeww that's enough details, thanks." files

Face Transplant Patient Doing Well
PARIS — One of the French doctors who performed the world's first partial face-transplant said Sunday the 38-year-old patient is "perfect," in good psychological condition and doing well medically.
Jean Michael Dubernard, who had previously conducted the world's first hand and forearm transplants, said the woman, operated on a week ago, would remain hospitalized in the southeastern city of Lyon for four to six weeks.
She received a section of a nose, lips and chin in the transplant surgery after being mauled by her dog.

Wow. Guess I know what line of work is not for me...
You know, it's great that this woman is doing well, and her life will probably be better for it. But... no more details, please!