Monday, December 12, 2005

Blog tag

Daniel at Raving Conservative tagged me.
Here are the rules of the game. When you are tagged you must blog about 5 oddball habits that you have, then you must tag 5 more people.
So here are five:

1: I'm a bit obsessive over my hair. Which usually ends up with me giving myself a really baaad haircut!
2: I read Newsweek.(Hey, that counts, doesn't it?)
3: I listen to corny old country songs that then get stuck in my head. "Lord! It's hard to be humble/when you're perfect in every way..."
4: I habitually dress modestly and have an aversion to resembling a street-walker. That's really odd, believe me.
5: I like the A-Team. Seriously.

There! Now you know what a wierd person I am. Watch out though... you just might get tagged!

(I tagged ABFreedom, Crazy Politico, Sycorax, Robosquirrel, and Mary Ann.)